Maintenance work to Grangemouth Community Warning System

Maintenance work to Grangemouth’s Community Warning System will be conducted between Monday 13th and Friday 17th of November 2017.


The system, operated by the Grangemouth Petroleum & Chemical Complex’s Major Incident Control Committee (MICC), may sound warning tones and verbal messages during this test period.


Grangemouth residents and visitors will not be required to take any action during this time of maintenance.


In the unlikely event of an actual emergency taking place during the maintenance, the transmission via the warning system will clearly indicate such an event and the public should “Go in, Stay in and Tune in”.


MICC chairman, Derek Brown said: “As part of our commitment to public safety we require to conduct maintenance work on the Community Warning System to ensure it is in full working order. The Community Warning System plays an important part in alerting the public in the unlikely event of a major gas leak in the petro-chemical complex. Within the MICC, we consider safety to the public to be paramount”



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