Major Accident Advice

In unlikely event of a major incident, information and advice messages will be issued by the emergency services.

Potential Danger to the Public

Should the event pose a potential danger to the public, the MICC will activate the community warning system.

Householders and responsible persons in business/community premises must ensure that all occupants are familiar with the safety advice and the action to be taken.


The WARNING SYSTEM will have a TWO-TONE SOUND operating continuously for 5 minutes ON, followed by 1 minute OFF. This cycle will be repeated as long as it is considered necessary.

Public announcements and additional instructions may be issued by voice over the community warning system.

The ALL CLEAR will be a SINGLE TONE SOUND and will last for 5 minutes.


On activation of the warning system the public should:

1 – Immediately go indoors.

2 – Shut all external doors and windows and all other means of ventilation.

3 – Extinguish all naked lights.

4 – If possible, go to an upper floor.

5 – Tune in to local radio (Central FM 103.1 MHz, BBC Radio Scotland 92-95 MHz, Real Radio 100-101 MHz), Police Scotland Facebook and Twitter.

6 – Unless you have a real need for the emergency services, DO NOT use the telephone or mobile telephones until the ALL CLEAR is sounded to ensure lines are kept free.

7 – Co-operate fully with the instructions given by the emergency services.

8 – Remain indoors until you hear the ALL CLEAR or until you receive instructions from the Police.

Remember those who may need assistance – be a good neighbour

The community warning system is tested on a regular basis. In addition, a full community warning system test is carried out at:

7.00pm on the first Wednesday in June
2.30pm on the first Wednesday in December

All tests will be advised by local media.


Emergency Instructions showing these actions are available below to download.


  • Ensure everyone in your home or work environment is familiar with it
  • Display it in a prominent place, especially in public and community premises where appropriate
  • Pass on to subsequent owners/occupiers

If you require additional copies, please download or contact Falkirk Council or one of the member companies.

Additional information can be found on the
following web sites:

Falkirk Council


Health and Safety Executive


Need more information?

Download our Public Safety Information Leaflet:

Public Safety Information Leaflet

Download our Emergency Instructions Leaflet:

Emergency Instructions