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The WARNING SYSTEM will have a TWO-TONE SOUND operating continuously for 5 minutes ON, followed by 1 minute OFF.

What is the MICC?

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The Major Incident Control Committee (MICC) Grangemouth has been supporting public safety at Grangemouth Industrial Complex since 1968. It is made up of technical experts from local companies, BOC, CalaChem, Calor Gas, Diageo, Forth Ports Ltd., Fujifilm, H.W. Coates, INEOS, INEOS FPS, Inter Terminals, Petroineos, Syngenta and Versalis.

Safety is of paramount importance to our companies who train and exercise with Police Scotland, the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service, Scottish Ambulance Service, Falkirk Council and partner agencies to ensure, in the unlikely event of an emergency, known procedures are well practised and followed effectively.

MICC Grangemouth is also responsible for the testing of the Community Warning System installed in and around the Industrial Complex. It is important that everyone – residents and visitors alike – know what to do in the event of an emergency.

This website contains important information about what MICC does, how the public is involved and aims to raise awareness of what the public should do in the unlikely event of a Major Incident arising in the Grangemouth Industrial Complex.

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Testing of Grangemouth Community Warning System

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The bi-annual testing of Grangemouth’s Community Warning System will take place on Wednesday 2nd June at 7pm. The system, operated... Read More → Testing of Grangemouth Community Warning System

Alarm Sounding 1st Jan 2021

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Following reports of an alarm sounding in the Grangemouth area on the evening of Friday 1st January, the Grangemouth MICC confirm that... Read More → Alarm Sounding 1st Jan 2021

Maintenance work to Grangemouth Community Warning System – Nov 2020

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Maintenance work to Grangemouth’s Community Warning System will be conducted between Monday 23rd and Friday 27th of... Read More → Maintenance work to Grangemouth Community Warning System – Nov 2020

Emergency Instructions



Community Warning – When the sirens are activated by Police Scotland:

  1. Immediately go indoors
  2. Shut all external doors and windows and all other means of ventilation
  3. Extinguish all naked lights
  4. If possible, go to an upper floor
  5. Tune into your local radio station, or check their Twitter feed e.g. Central FM 103.1MHz
  6. Unless you have a real need for emergency services, DO NOT use the telephone or mobile telephones until the ALL CLEAR is sounded to ensure lines are kept free
  7. Co-operate fully with the instructions given by the emergency services
  8. Remain indoors until you hear ALL CLEAR or until you receive instructions from the Police.

The ALL CLEAR will be a SINGLE TONE SOUND and will last for 5 minutes.


The Community Warning System is tested twice per year:-

At 7pm on the first Wednesday in June and 2:30pm on the first Wednesday in December.  Information regarding the tests will be published prior to each test by posters, local media and responders’ websites. 

Householders and responsible persons in business/community premises must ensure that all occupants are familiar with the safety advice and the action to be taken.  Remember the simple rule: GO IN, STAY IN AND TUNE IN!

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