Emergency Instructions


Community Warning – When the sirens are activated by Police Scotland:

  1. Immediately go indoors
  2. Shut all external doors and windows and all other means of ventilation
  3. Extinguish all naked lights
  4. If possible, go to an upper floor
  5. Tune into your local radio station, or check their Twitter feed e.g. Central FM 103.1MHz
  6. Unless you have a real need for emergency services, DO NOT use the telephone or mobile telephones until the ALL CLEAR is sounded to ensure lines are kept free
  7. Co-operate fully with the instructions given by the emergency services
  8. Remain indoors until you hear ALL CLEAR or until you receive instructions from the Police.

Please download the latest safety documents attached below. If you require printed copies of the MICC Safety Documents, please contact Falkirk Council.

Emergency Instructions

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Important Public Safety Information

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